500 days of Summer (2009)

Posted on 28. Sep 2009


Marc Webb
Scott Neustadter &
Michael H. Weber


Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Tom Hansen
Zooey Deschanel – Summer Finn
Geoffrey Arend – McKenzie
Chloe Moretz – Rachel Hansen

Synopsis: Fans of HIGH FIDELITY and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND will be charmed by this quirky film that sheds a linear plot in favor of a memory-driven look at a failed romance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (BRICK) stars as Tom, a greeting-card writer who dreams of becoming an architect and finding his true love. Zooey Deschanel (THE HAPPENING) plays Summer, a vintage-looking beauty whose ideas about love are entirely modern. As Tom remembers his 500 days with Summer, his mind jumps from moment to moment, largely thinking of the good times in their trouble-filled relationship. Indie darlings Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt are perfectly cast in this sweet, funny film that infuses the typical romantic tropes with reality. Anyone else would have caused audiences to hate Summer, but Deschanel is adorable enough that she still endears herself to viewers. Arthouse favorite Gordon-Levitt hasn’t played a traditional romantic lead since 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU in 1999, but here he proves equally adept at portraying Tom’s sweetness and his neuroses. Music-video director Marc Webb makes his feature debut with (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, and it’s easy to see influences of his past work.


For some reason I waited for this movie for a long time. Maybe it was the female actress Zooey Deschanel or maybe it was something else, but still some kind of need pulsed in me. It wasn’t like I had with one of my favorite movies “Revolver” or “Sin City”, it was something else. I knew it wouldn’t be some kind of masterpiece and I was right.

It’s actually quite a simple movie about, as the narrator says – a boy and a girl. But as you soon figure out, it is not another romantic comedy. The movie follows us through the relationship of Summer Finn and Tom Hansen, that more or less is about 500 days long (the actual relationship+breakup).

At first, even though I expected it, I was quite prejudice about Joseph Gordon-Levitt who kind of reminds me of DiCaprio. Not because of his looks but that if he tries to act out a role of a grown man, then he fails. Not that they are bad actors, quite the contrary. But they always remind me of small adolecant boys.

One aspect that makes the movie good is that it’s not linear. The movie jumps from time to time between different periods of the relationships bringing out the small niches of the whole thing. Making us understand the whole fabric of their story.

I bet this whole movie reminds us of one of THOSE relationships that we’ve had. Thinking that we might be together with the ONE, but then we understand it is all going down the drain. All we can do in these cases is that we can just learn from our mistakes.

All and all this movie has taken all the possible angles the genre and used it up just right. Thank god, someone hasn’t made the movie into a romantic one because it just wouldn’t fit to this idea.

It’s just one of those movies that you could just watch over and over.

PS. the soundtrack is in my opinion just one of the best I’ve heard in ages.


Rating: 8,5/10 (not because it’s a bad movie, but because it is not my type of movie)

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