Saw 6 (2009)

Posted on 2. Nov 2009


Kevin Greutert
Marcus Dunstan (screenplay)
Patrick Melton (screenplay)


Tobin Bell – Jigsaw / John
Costas Mandylor – Hoffman
Mark Rolston – Erickson
Betsy Russell – Jill
Shawnee Smith – Amanda


The makers of the Saw films continue to make Rube Goldberg roll over in his grave with this sixth film in the series. SAW VI finds Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) the target of a FBI investigation, but that won’t stop him from continuing the murderous mayhem started by Jigsaw. []


At first this movie seems to be just like another gore filled sequel of the “saw”. Lots of blood, lots of screaming, but then a story starts to unravel. Actually quite a compelling story. I’m not saying, it’s thought through, but it WAS quite interesting.

Through quite violent scenes we are told the history of the mysterious ‘jigsaw’ and how it all comes together.

But there was something that humored me quite a lot. The so called ‘fine print’. If you mange see through the  blood, sweat and tear then you’ll see that actually this movie is quite harsh critique towards the system of health care in the United States. Also a huge ad ofToyota Prius. I remember laughing out loud when i saw Prius written in big letters across the screen. I mean, if you want people to buy these ‘green’ cars then make them look like normal cars. It’s like with humans. They may be smart in every different way, but if you don’t look good, no girl wants to go out with you. I’m not agreeing that this is a good thing, all I’m saying it’s the world today.

Then there is acting. It was quite awful. The cast was weird, since everyone looked like someone really famous, but really wasn’t. The editing was standard hollywood gore movie style. Lots of flashing, and in between the flashes there was again some blood. Nothing special.

All and all, I recommend you to go and see this movie if you like gore, but if you want to see a good movie, I advise you to take a pass on this one.


Thanks for MCChillaKilla and saw6film for providing the videos

Rating: 4/10

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